EU-legislation update

Nyhetsbrev utskickat från FIVA Legislation Commission

  • Januari
    Registration of motor vehicles
    Call for energy policy to boost Electric cars
    Regineries, carmakers slam new French biodiesel law
  • Februari
    Registration of motor vehicles
    European Parliament Historic Vehicle Group meeting

    France acts against diesel vehicles
    UK rejects parliament Committee call for diesel tax
  • Mars
    Registration of motor vehicles
    European Parliament Historic Vehicle Group meeting
    Mid-term review of the 2011 White Paper on Transport

  • April
    REACH - Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restrictions of Chemicals
    Germany has concerns about REACH
    eCall – European Parliament supports eCall in new vehicles
    MEP wants to exclude methane from vehicle pollution law

    New car CO2 emissions continue to fall
  • Maj
    MEP calls for ban on diesel vehicles in urban areas by 2020
    Registration of vehicles – no progress
    New diesel car pollution test agree

  • Juni
    European Parliament Historic Vehicle Group meeting 
    Member States and EU air pollution limits

  • Juli
    Commission offers REACH options
    European Parliament calls for binding 2025 air quality targets
    Consultation responses say the transport CO2 footprint is needed
    Industry warns that ditching diesel will harm CO2 cuts

  • September
    European Parliament Historic Vehicle Group meeting
    European Commission stakeholder meeting for UVARs
    REACH – Court Ruling

    Industry developments put pressure on the need for changes to emission testing
  • November
    European Commission proposes changes to the Firearms Directive with possible impacts on owners of historic military vehicles
    REACH – FIVA seeks greater cooperation with the auto industry
    VW scandal spreads to CO2 emissions

    European Parliament Environment Committee wants to block car emissions rules
    Member States want weaker pollution laws
  • European Parliament adopts report on Sustainable Urban Mobility


    UK pushes for more low emission air zones


    European Parliament Environment Committee looks at new diesel tests
    The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21)




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