EU Legislation uppdate

Nyhetsbrev utskickat från FIVA Legislation Commission


  • Januari
    EU Institutions close to finalising Firearms Directive
    EU Air Quality Directives
    Environment Agency European Air Quality Report
    Real Driving Emissions criticized by International Council on Clean Transportation
    Joint Research Centre identifies emission gaps
    Sweden and Denmark want stricter REACH authorisation

  • Februari
    London to charge older polluting vehicles more
    Green Group launches legal action against Italian region
    MEPs call for stronger EU car surveillance
  • April
    MEP calls for 25% EV target for 2025
    Parliament rejects EU vehicle surveillance agency
    London Ultra-Low Emission Zone
    Study supports emissions-based tolls for lorries
    Car CO2 reform
    Transport Commissioner speech about connected and automated vehicles
    EU clean car procurement targets 

  • ​Maj 
    European Commission proposes tolls based on distance and emissions in a new “Mobility Package”
    European Parliament calls on the Commission to adopt rules for low-emission zones
    European Commission consults on specific Intelligent Transport Systems
    ECJ rules against Bulgaria for excessive air pollution
  • Juni 
    European Parliament Historic Vehicle Group meeting of 21 June
    Member States want to maintain control on road charging optionsAir pollution in Brussels
    German air pollution
    MEPs call for stricter “real‐driving” vehicle emissions 
  • Juli 
    FIVA meets with UNECE to discuss UN Regulation and historic vehiclesFIVA responds to European Commission consultation to evaluate the ITS Directive Moves to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars
    EU reviews implementation of air quality rules 

  • Augusti-september   
    European Commission published study on urban vehicle access restrictions
    IVA and ANF actions
  • Oktober  
    FIVA contributes to Motor Insurance consultation
    MEP poses to the European Commission question on Low Emission ZonesEuropean Automobile Manufacturers
    Association (ACEA) details the vehicle park

    Electric vehicle carbon footprint is always less than diesel
    Slovenia plans to phase out internal combustion engine cars by 2030
  • November 
    European Parliament Historic Vehicle Group meeting
    European Commission proposes emission targets to transition to low/zero emission vehicles

    Difference between official and real-world car emissions remains large

Inget FIVA-EU-legislation kom ut i december 2017.




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