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About MHRF

For yesterday's vehicles on tomorrow's roads
Motorhistoriska Riksförbundet (Federation of Swedish Historic Vehicles Clubs) represents the historic vehicles movement in Sweden and monitors political issues, manages contacts with public bodies and organizations, as well as providing advice and information.

MHRF has 100,000 committed members in 200 clubs whose goal is to cultivate, preserve and develop the cultural heritage of our historic vehicles.

One of the benefits of membership is the market's leading insurance for historic vehicles.

Our global network
Motorhistoriska Riksförbundet is a member of the international movement for historic vehicles, FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens), www.fiva.org. Today, FIVA represents more than one and a half million historic vehicle enthusiasts in over 60 countries worldwide.

Through active participation in FIVA’s Legislation Commission, MHRF monitors new legislation, mainly in the EU, that may affect our historical vehicles. With the stated aim of influencing future legislation, we also provide information to politicians in the European parliament and various officials at the EU level about the cultural heritage on our roads.

Our insurance
Since 1975, Motorhistoriska Riksförbundet, in cooperation with the insurance company Folksam, has provided Sweden's leading insurance for collectors of motor vehicles – The MHRF Insurance. Well, according to us anyway or any of our policy holders, who currently have taken out 39,000 insurance policies. The insurance is a benefit for those who are members of an MHRF affiliated club.

We welcome vehicles that are 20 years old and older. Regardless of their condition and style. The small print? Free mileage, but not one metre of daily driving. Obviously you can – and should – show off your prized possession to your work colleagues occasionally, but the vehicle should otherwise only be used for recreational purposes. In your spare time.

For a typical collector’s car from the 1950s or 1960s, such as a Volvo 120/Amazon, Plymouth Valiant or Opel Rekord, the annual premium (from May 1, 2018) for our insurance is between 650 and 1,150 SEK, depending on the condition of the vehicle. The better the condition, the lower the premium! And yes, we are talking about fully comprehensive insurance. Not only is our insurance good for your wallet, but it also benefits your club, as well as the historic vehicle movement, thanks to the work of MHRF. Work that can be encapsulated thus: For yesterday's vehicles on tomorrow's roads.

Our cultural heritage
Historic vehicles are so much more than a nostalgic feature on our roads, they are above all an impressive mobile museum that is operated without any state or municipal contributions. Within the historic vehicle movement, there is technical expertise and skills that are important to maintain for the future, as well as knowledge about the history of the vehicles and how they contributed to the development of society.

It is private individuals who, through their own effort and time, roll out this museum so that it can be viewed by the general public. Motorhistoriska Riksförbundet’s 100,000 members in 200 clubs, are committed to safeguarding and spreading our cultural heritage across the entire country. It is their vehicles that provide living history – and smiles – on our roads, often in connection with one of the thousands of events that take place each year. Among them is Motorhistoriska Dagen (Historic Vehicle Day), which is held on June 6 every year when we celebrate our cultural heritage together – all over Sweden.

Our size
Motorhistoriska Riksförbundet campaigns politically to promote legislation that supports the preservation and use of historic vehicles and the opportunity to develop our cultural heritage. MHRF also collaborates with others bodies, when it gives us a better opportunity of getting our message across. We provide advice and support to other associations and their members.

Member clubs can advertise in the EventCalendar free of charge. One of the benefits of membership is also the market's leading insurance for historic vehicles: The MHRF insurance.

Currently, MHRF has 100,000 members in 200 clubs. That is a lot of people, but not everyone. The more people we represent, the better the chances are that yesterday's vehicles have a place on tomorrow’s roads.

Our history
One example of how Motorhistoriska Riksförbundet helps to preserve the cultural heritage of our historic vehicles, is Svenskt Motorhistoriskt Arkiv (the Swedish Historic Vehicle Archives) which opened in 2014. The aim is to inventory, collect, preserve and present historical source material on wheeled vehicles in Sweden. All the material should be accessible for the donor, research and historic vehicle publishing. The archives, which are growing rapidly and include among others Stig Nyberg’s and Gustaf Nordberg's collections, are located at the Centrum för Näringslivshistoria (Centre for Business History) in Bromma. One of the latest contributions are the films of the famous Gothenburg character Gosta Fraenckel. The films have been digitized by Regionarkivet (the Region Archives) in collaboration with Svensk Flyghistorisk Förening (the Swedish Aviation Historical Society), Bilsportarvet (the Motor Sport Heritage) and Motorhistoriska Riksförbundet. 

Our future
Yet another example of how Motorhistoriska Riksförbundet works to preserve and develop the cultural heritage of our historic vehicles, is an introductory course for historic vehicle mechanics that was started in cooperation with Motala municipality and Motala Motormuseum at Carlsund’s Utbildningscentrum in Motala.

In 2016, a comprehensive brainstorming session was conducted in conjunction with member clubs regarding the development of the cultural heritage of historic vehicles and club activities. A number of historic vehicle magazines are involved in this work.

Our responsibility
Motorhistoriska Riksförbundet strives to ensure that we have as low an environmental impact as possible when using and renovating our historic vehicles. One contribution to the environment is that the vehicle is well maintained and that it is not driven too frequently. 

Our challenge
Motorhistoriska Riksförbundet participates in Almedalsveckan (politicians week) in Visby. We display our historic vehicles, meet politicians and officials, organisations and an interested public. As a result of our work, the parliamentary historic vehicle network enables the parliamentary committee and its offices to study developments within the historic vehicle movement.

We are a consultative body for proposed legislation, statutes and regulations and engage in continuous dialogue with the authorities. Every week, new challenges emerge that MHRF must tackle, so that all of us who own a historic vehicle can continue to preserve, maintain and use it. Some of the more significant challenges we have dealt with are exemption from vehicle tax and the specific frequency of vehicle testing or MOT for historic vehicles, those that are 30 years old and older. Something that once again has become a very topical issue for us, as the EU’s so-called Roadworthiness Package, which includes the Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI) Directive, will be incorporated into Swedish law from 2018. Not forgetting Naturvårdsverket’s (the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency) scrapping proposal, which was rejected by the current Minister for the Environment Lena Ek, and MHRF’s ongoing discussions with Swetic (Swedish Association for Testing, Inspection and Certification) regarding the requirement that vehicles from 1969 or later must have vehicle identification numbers.

Our day-to-day activities
Since 1969, Motorhistoriska Riksförbundet has been providing services to the clubs and their members. There is a register kept of clubs and museums. The office provides support for verification of origin and in conjunction with registration inspections, as well as assistance in individual cases on grounds of principle for the entire historic vehicle movement.

We engage in dialogue with the clubs and regularly send out information and organise conferences on current issues and events, for the benefit of club members. In addition, the central office distributes Motorhistoriska Riksförbundet’s Newsletter, including a digital version for which a subscription can be taken out free of charge.

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MHRF Office
Stenkilsgatan 5 B.V.
126 52 Hägersten

Phone: +46 (0)8-30 28 01
E-mail: kansli@mhrf.se

Opening hours
Monday to Wednesday:
9am - 11am and 1pm - 3pm

1pm - 3pm and 4.30pm - 6pm

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